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D.R. Sudha
M.Sc (Agrl.Microbiology), Ph.D.,

B.N.RamamurtiConsulting Agro Economist / Advisor to NGOs(Rural) Herbal Products Industry/Biodiesel.

Name B N Ramamurti


Date of Birth 7th June 1929
Address B-2 / B-4, Sudarsan Garden 106, Velachery Rd.
Guindy, Chennai 600 032 Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Mobile 99529 68907
Email bnramamurti@ginail.com
Academic Qualification B.Sc(Hons). Zoology


Specialization in Entomology with

18 published papers of original work ( list attached) on

  1. a) taxonomy and anatomy of
  2. b) Biological regulation of
    sugarcane pests
  3. c) Other insects
Specialized fields


agricultural extension work with

special reference to plant protection    fi consultancy for cultivation, extraction markets for herbal raw material and plant extracts

Service Record

1992 —to present day Adviser to RICHES(Eng. Consultants)


Consultancy offered to :

M/s Aditya Alkaloids, for

Cultivation of Catheraruhu

Roseus for a:miasma leaf alkaloids


M/s Cauvery Starch Products for Cultivation of Tapioca for captive Consumption


M/s Fortune Bio-Tech -transfer of Technology for extraction of Azadirachtin (from Neem seeds) From a British Firm.


1985 – 92 Managing Partner Chemilink India Export of roots of Catheranthus

Roseus and supply of herbal raw materials, for trial extraction, to the French pharmaceutical Firm

Pierre fabre

1968 — 85 B.Sc(Hons). Zoology
1963 — 68


Research Assistant, PL-480 research project of U S Dept. of Agriculture for survey of Indian Thysanoptera
1952 -63


Teaching and Research at Loyola college,

Overseas Business Associates:

Kentucky Biosafety Consultants Inc. Arizona, USA Cardiff Chemicals, Uk.

Manrochem Ltd. UK

List of Publications

1955 Notes on Indian Dermaptera

Agra Univ.Jour. Res.1V(2);423-426

1956 Notes on Marava Arachides (Yersin)

Indian J.Ent

1958 Studies s on the male genital tube of Dernupiera

Proc. Roy.Ent. Soc. London (A) : 5-8

1959 The male efferent system in Euborellia annulipes

(Lucas) with specila reference to the evolution of gonopore in Dermaptera

Proc. Roy.Ent. Soc. London       (A) 34: 90-95

1960 Dermaptera from Nilgitri and Kodaikanal Hills

Bull. En.t Vo1.1;    34-37

1961 Variations and their bearing on the taxonomy of Dermaptera
Bull, Ent. Vol.2: 23-25
1962 Proreus longiforceps sp nr ” Termaptera: Chelisochidae)
From South India Bull. Ent. Vol: 3; 40-41
1963 Adaptive colouration in Labidura riparia (Pallas) to desert habitat
II All India Congress of Zoology; Calcutta
1965 Dermaptera from south India
Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. 13 (viii); 59-63
1965 Gall Inhibiting Tubuliferous Thysanoptera
J.Bombay.nat.Hist.soc. 62 (2); 266-278
1966 New Pentatomid host record for hymenopterous egg parasites
Ananstatus colemani and Asolcus sp.
J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 63, (30; 767-769
1967 Dermaptera collected by the Noona Dan expedition in the
Philippine and Bismark Islands
Entomologisk Meddelelser (Copenhagen):35:227-259
1968 New and known Dermaptera from south India with two
Generic records new to India
ZoolAnz.Bd heft: 128-136
1968 Dermaptera from Rennel and Bellodona Islands
Nat. hist. Rennel and Br. Solomon islands.
Copenhagen: vol.5: 81-82
1973 A new subgenus and five new spp. of Carcinophorinae
(Dermaptera) from India
Zool. Anz. 190 516s: 434 – 442
1973 Dermaptera from Thailand with descr:ptiun of VII ee new spp.
Steenstrupia (Copenhagen) vol3; 11-16
1979 Preliminary observations on Dermaptera as biological regulators
Of sugarcane borers in India
Indian Sugar. vol. 29; No.8; 1-5
1980 Dermapteran predators in the biological regulation of
Sugarcane borers.
Curr. Sci. Jan. vol. 49 no.2: 72-73


2001 Medicinal Plants—Focus of world attention

International symposium on “Recent Advances in Biological

Sciences”  KSR Center for Biological Sciences, Tiruchengode

2002 The growing Phyto-pharmaceutical Industry

Symposium by ITCOT, Chennai

2003 Waste land development through cultivation of Forest Castor

( Jatropha).for bio diesel and plants like Sisal and Cactus

Seminar on medicinal and herbal plants—The Voluntary Health, Education and Rural Development Soc. Chennai

Herbal Products for Health Care and Market Potential for Plaiu
Products as alternative to syntheticsNational Level Conference on Herbal Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship development.P S G College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore
2005 Chairman for the seminar on:

Trends in Standardization of Herbal Products for Global Market

Organized by Asthagiri Herbal Research Foundation in

association with Association of Official Analytical Chemists ( AOAC) International, USA, at Chennai

Cuhivation of Jatropha and other plants of arid regions for rural
developmentSymposium for rural development: conducted by Confederation of NGO’s Rural India (CNRI), at Chennai