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D.R. Sudha
M.Sc (Agrl.Microbiology), Ph.D.,

K.RASUFounder & Chairman, GAHCS. Former Deputy Director of Agriculture.


35 years of Experience in Agriculture, planning, Training. Cultivation of Crops,

Handling of plant protection chemicals, Fertilizer, and seeds production. Farm

Development, Farming activities, Fodder Development Activities, Irrigation management

and Afforestation in the Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Tamil Nadu,


Name K. Rasu,
Date of Birth 05.10.1960
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Marital Status Married having two children
Driving Licenses Holder of Indian
Driving License
Languages known a.Read English, Tamil
b.Write English, Tamil
c. Speak English, Tamil
Address for communication Deputy Director of Agriculture (R)
Plot No. 180, Baradhway Nagar,
7’h Street, Varadharajapuram
Sriperumbudur Taluk Kanchipuram District
Chennai-600 048
Tamil Nadu
Mobile 9842657810
Email rasuk_adh@yahoo.co.in


  • Dry Farming Technologies
  • Water and irrigation management
  • Soil Conservation
  • Soil Reclimation
  • Pest and disease control management
  • Quality control on plant protection chemicals and fertilizers
  • Management of horticultural crops horticultural farms and agricultural farms
  • High Tech Agriculture : Technologies
  • Polyhouse and green house cultivation of horticultural crops.
  • Micro irrigation techniques to agriculture and horticultural crops.
  • Agroforestry
  • Bamboo and Medicinal plants cultivation
  • Fodder development in Animal Husbandry Department Quality seed production
  • techniques
  • Giant seed production, Unit management for five years.


Paddy, integrated pest management seasonaolong training conducted by FAO

participated and awarded as ‘Master Trainer’, in paddy.


Employer Position held Period in years
   A. Director of Agriculture Government of Tamil Chennai Agricultural officer(cuddalore years Nadu Chennai Villupuram District) 1982 to 200725


   B. Director of Horticulture plantation crops Government of Tamil Chennai Assistant Director Horticulture Deputy Director of Horticulture(Incharge) Villupuram District Year 2007-Feb to 2014 august
   C. Director of Agriculture Government of Tamil Chennai-5 Duputy Director of Agriculture (plant protection) state licencing authority for plant protection chemicals Year 2014 to 2018

Specific Assignment

  • Procurement of Plant
  • Protection chemicals for the benefit of farmers
  • Analyzing pest and disease
  • Situation in all the districts Quality control of planet protection  chemicals.


  • Agricultural farm management having experience to maintain thousands of Acres in scientific methods.
  • Quality seed production in a high tech manner.
  • Arranging seed farms and procurement of quality seeds from farmers.
  • Agricultural and horticultural Technological information dissemination to farmer and high tech extension methods.
  • Quality control of plant protection chemicals and fertilizers
  • As a State Licensing authority licence issued _ to manufacturing to plant protection chemicals, sales permission issued to multinational companies for the plant protection chemicals and biological pesticides.
  • Proper pest control made Agriculture and Horticulture crops. Fodder development work carried out in Animal Husbandry Department. |
  • Maintenance of giant seed processing unit for aprocessing of all agricultural produces such as cereals, pulses and oil seeds ete.
  • Laying out of trails and demonstrations for adoptability of agricultural crops in area specific and season specific Organizing green houses, polyhouses for high value horticultural crops for export opportunities.
  • Natural calamities like flood, and Drought situation management works are carried out.
  • Organizing micro irrigation to all agricultural horticultural crops to mitigate drought situation.
  • Produce all that we need for consumption: Promote the total welfare of the farmer’s”. This is the guiding force behind all the endeavor of the State Agriculture Department.
  • Agriculture and Horticulture scientists put forth their best to bring out beneficial findings through continuous Research. The field Officials of the Agricultural and Horticulture departments have it as their duty to assist the farmers in this regard.
  • The Department officials train the farmers for methodical utilization of the water and land resources linked with the preservation of Environment and ultimately reaching high levels of production

Total 25 years experience as Agricultural Officer in different levels and they are:


JOB TITLE       :                            AGRICULTURAL OFFICER (From 1982 to 2007) COMPANY

EMPLOYED    ;                             Department of Agriculture

Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai.


  • Assists the Farmers in the cultivation aspects of different Agriculture and Horticulture crops by adopting latest technologies to get high yield.
  • Prepare the Annual Budgets and Spending schemes in all development activities
  • Supervises the work of field functionaries and review their work during review meeting and submitted the reports to the Senior Management.
  • Organizing workshops and Review meetings.


  • Preparation of Agronomical cultivation aspects to Food crops and Non — Food crops including Coconut, Sunflower and vegetable crops and give training to the field level workers and farmers to adopt this technologies.
  • Assist the farmers to use the available water by adopting water management techniques to get better yield.
  • Assist the farmers to use crop rotation in their land to get maximum yield by minimum investment.
  • Assist the clients to use proper irrigation method according to the soil condition to produce more yield.


  • Act as Pest control inspector to monitor the quality’ of pesticides and Fundigicides, which are used for the crops to preserve the good environment.
  • Assist the field level workers and farmers to identify the pests, which cause damages to the crops and guide them to use suitable pesticides and Fungicides to control the pestswithout affecting the environment.


  • Worked as a trainer in the State Level Training Institute governed by the Department of Agriculture.
  • Give training to the field level workers about the latest technologies of crop cultivation, water management gardening, production of seeds and preservation of seeds.
  • Give training to the junior management on preparation of budgets and schedule of implementation of all activities


  • Worked in the state level farm owned by government of Tamil Nadu, Department of Agriculture.
  • Adopting latest scientific. technologies developed by the Research Scientists produced all type of seeds like Rice Pulses, Oilseeds, Vegetables Cotton and Millets and Monitor public distribution of seeds.
  • Production of tree seedlings like casuarinas, Eucalyptus in the nursery which will be mainly used for Afforestation.
  • Production of Coconut free seedlings.
  • Maintain good public relationship for the organization.


  • Worked as Technical Agricultural Officer in the office of the Joint Director of Agriculture.
  • ProjectPlanning, scheduling, preparation of Budget, implementation of schemes, monitoring the field level workers, follow wp activities of each and every schemeimplementation.
  • Arranging campaigns and conducting exhibitions related to Agriculture in the public functions.
  • Effectively dealing the problems of matters. related to public seeds distribution, cultivation development and Municipality gardening.
  • Having technical experience in gardening and cultivation of Horticulture crops.
  • Aware of the characters of pests and diseases of various crops, beautification plants and correction methods.
  • Have a supervisory and managing capacity of gardens, farm workers, pest control workers, cleaners and agriculture draughtsman.
  • Having through knowledge i: using tree species, plants and shrubs which are mainly used in parks / roadside parking area.
  • Have experience to monitor, maintain, control and ensure proper cultivation of all crops and to maintain lawns and public municipal parks.
  • Have experience in conducting Seminars as well as Review meetings, Reports preparation.


  • Assists the Farmers in the cultivation aspects of different Agriculture and Horticulture crops by adopting latest technologies to get high yield in the Block.
  • Conducted demonstration in the client fields to educate themfor proper management of Irrigation.
  • Conducted demonstrations in the client fields to educate them for proper management of Irrigation.
  • Administer the total employees of 50 Nos. in the block as a Head of the office.


  • Assists the Farmers in the cultivation aspects of different Horticulture crops by adopting laiest technologies to get high yield in the Block.
  • Conducted demonstration in the client field to educate them for proper management of Irrigation.
  • Periodical Training programmes are conducted to farmers for latest technologies.


Worked as Deputy Director of Horticulture (District level).

  • Plan preparation of Horticulture crop cultivation aspects of crops for the year.
  • Monitored the Distribution of Inputs from the Agricultural Depots to the farmers in time.
  • Being the District head monitoring and implementation of all horticultural schemes like IHDS, NHM, Bamboo mission etc. to all the 22 blocks in the District.
  • Administer more than 100 field staff and administrative staff to implement the scheme property to the farmers.


  • License issued to pesticides manufacturing units.
  • Analysing the pest and disease situation in the 31 districts in all crops in the State.
  • Procurement of plant protection chemicals. for all the schemes implemented in the state.


  • Received appreciation from Rural Industries Minister and District collector in Villupuram District for the development of horticulture department and ‘Thane’ Rehabilitation work.
  • Appreciations from Director of Horticulture and plantation crops for the achievement of Micro irrigation scheme in the District
  • Production of short film for creating awareness among the farming community regarding safe and judicious use of pesticides to minimize the farmers death in the State, it gives more impact to the farming community.


  • Joined member in Pondicherry Cosmopolitan lions club and involved in many social service activities.
  • Joined member in Socio Economic service society, Chennai and donate Rs.80,000/- to the corpus fund for the study of professional graduate student.
  • Running Bharathidasan Institute of IAS and management studies to bring IAS aspirants, Bank employees and Government officer to serve the Nation.