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D.R. Sudha
M.Sc (Agrl.Microbiology), Ph.D.,

R.S.ManoharanDirector of Agriculture at Cuddalore



Date of Birth 04.04.1959
Fathers Name S.R.Subramanian


F-4,Aditya Apartmant,

34,Karnakollai Agraharam,


TAMILNADU-612 001.



58 years.
Mobile +919789348907


Email mragrimano@gmail.com

Educational Qualification


Degree University/Institute Year of completion
B.Sc.(Agri) Tamilnadu Agricultural




Work Experience :

  1. Joined as AGRICULTURE OFFICER, in the Department of Agriculture,

Government of Tamilnadu on 11.03.1982 and worked up to 07.01.2007

in various level and discipline.

  1. Worked as Assistant Director of Horticulture at Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu,

on getting promotion from 08.01.2007

  1. Worked as Deputy Director of Seed Inspection under the Department of Seed

Certification and Organic Certification, for Thanjavur and Pudhukottai dual district

jurisdiction, Government of Tamilnadu from 01.06.2012.

  1. Workéd as Joint Director of Agriculture at Cuddalore as Whole District and was holding the charge of Head of the Agriculture Department at district level from October-2016 up to 30.04.2017.

Working Knowledge :

  1. During the tenure of Agriculture officer, worked in the various level and in various

discipline. As Extension functionary, serviced for farming community to

disseminate the Agriculture technology from Lab to land.

  1. During the total work period of 9 years as Agriculture officer (Plant Protection)

and Quality control, taken up various works on Pesticides and Fertilizer Quality

Control like sampling of the chemicals and legal execution of the Acts, Rules and

Control orders.

  1. In the tenure of Assistant Director of Horticulture, taken up various activities to

give service to the Horticulture farmers like implementation of various shared

schemes of Govemment of India like TANHODA, Micro irrigation, Bamboo

mission etc., to increase the farmers income. Also taken up vegetables seed

multiplication and distribution, fruit trees saplings multiplication and distribution to

the farmers in subsidized rates as per the guidelines of Governmnet


  1. As Deputy Director of Seed Inspection, worked as public servant to serve the

farming community in regulating the quality seed distribution to the farmers and

Execution of Seeds Act, Seed Rules and Seed Control Order. Acted as Seed

License issuing authority, there by protected the welfare of seed dealers and

farmers from the exploitation of fake and substandard seeds distribution.Seeds

standards were strcitly insisted, violation of which was prosecuted in the court of


  1. During the tenure of Joint Director of Agriculture at Cuddalore district, involved

execution, monitoring and administration of Government schemes and

employees of Agriculture department in the district level. Liaised with District

collector, participated all the district activities, Social awareness programme,

Drought management programme in agriculture and other welfare and

development departments to protect the farmers and public from the shock of


  1. Having working knowledge in computer Ms-office.